No Load Technology for Sandpaper

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Zinc Stearate Anti-Clogging Coatings Special Zinc Stearate Coating, formulated for High-performance, long-lasting anti-clogging effect for coated abrasives.

What is Anti-Loading Coating in Coated Abrasives?

The spread of the special zinc stearate/calcium stearate coatings can effectively form a chip evacuation channel to prevent the sand surface from clogging and causing cutting force “Yes”.

And through this anti-clogging sandpaper, has an effective chip removal performance, and at the same time reduces the friction generated on the surface of the workpiece during grinding, extending the life of the product, keeping it sharp and wear-resistant, increasing the grinding rate, and achieving as high as 30%-50%.

How the Anti-Clogging Layer Works

Cross-Section of Coated Abrasives with Zinc Stearate Anti-Clogging Coating Layer

Through the anti-clogging coating, the workpiece debris can be effectively discharged through the chip discharge channel to maintain the abrasive grit. Discharged through the chip removal channel to maintain the abrasive grit sharpness, maintaining high cutting force and improving product performance.

Without the use of anti-clogging coating, grinding debris can easily ball into groups and clog the surface, affecting cutting. They gather into groups and block the surface, affecting cutting.

With anti-clog coating to prevent abrasive balling from forming into flakes, debris will not stay on the sand surface and abrasive particles can maintain cutting force.


The Specifications and Parameters of Anti-Loading Materials Provided are as Follows:

  • Water based Zinc Stearate – non flammable, stable formulation, easy to handle, ease to use with long lasting Anti-Clogging effect (recommended dry coat weight, 10-30 gsm)
  • Water-based zinc stearate/calcium stearate is non-flammable and explosion-proof. The product is stable and easy to operate. It has a long-lasting anti-clogging effect. The product is a controlled chronic release and has a long anti-clogging life (recommended when the coating weight is 10-30 gsm)
  • 40%-50% Solid Content, Viscosity 200-1500 Centipoise (CPS)
  • 40%-50% solid content, viscosity 200-1500j poise (CPS)
  • Available 200 kg package (in 55 gal drum)
  • Available tote (1000 kg)

Available Products

Zinc Stearate Formulated Dispersion with control resins for high performance and long product life, ready to use.

Zinc Stearate Dispersion

Calcium Stearate Formulated Dispersion with control resins for high performance and long product life, ready to use.

Calcium Stearate Dispersion

Packaging : 220 kg drum, 1000 kg tote

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